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90s vibes

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We all know trend comes and goes but the best thing is it comes back with some twist. These days am literally obsessed with 90s trend. Being a 90s kid I enjoyed 90s trend but as a kid. So I decided to bring some 90s vibe in me with touch of modern touch obvio..


How can you forget this?? Dungarees it was a bag of happiness because it had millions of pockets in which I used to keep my candies :p …. Here I dressed it with a striped off shoulder top adding long socks. Long sock were so trendy at that time.

Bell Bottoms

I was so happy when I found this in my cupboard as this is literally 10-13 years old jeans. Bell bottoms with simple sleeveless shirt pairing it with white sneakers.

Striped shirt

This is another which was given by 90s to us the striped shirts or simple white oversized shirts unfortunately I didn’t found the white shirt so used this striped shirt with my modern ripped jeans along with my funky hand painted sneakers which has Mickey and Minnie. To add I wore big round earrings.

My way my style

Fashion doesn’t follow any science rules. Everyone is free to experiment so did I. I painted my own denim jeans with some 90s cartoons because as I said I am literally obsessed with 90s fashion also I love 90s cartoon and I found this way the best to express my love towards the cartoon characters without whom I cannot even imagine my childhood. My entire childhood revolved around them.

Stay happy <3 Oli

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  • prabhjot on March 10, 2018

    u r amazing… all the best for the future… love u 🙂

    • Author
      Komal on March 10, 2018

      You are my strong motivator 💕👆🏻 am so blessed😇

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