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Australian Zoo| Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter”

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Hey folks this week I went to such an exciting place or you can say I ticked off this place from my bucket list. Yes Australian Zoo! I know it sounds childish but it’s the new things I experienced and learnt many things. I can bet if you will go you will also have amazing moment there. We first went to Glass house mountain lookout to see the sunrise. It is lookout from where you can see 8-10 mountains and the scenic view is just amazing!


Then around 8.30am we headed towards our final destination. Let’s start with tickets which were available for $59 for adults and $47 for students and some of my friends and I got student concession. Zoo is opened from 9am to 5 in the evening but usually some of the animals go to sleep around 4.30pm. Zoo is closed on Christmas Day only in 365days.
There are variety of reptiles, mammals, birds.
As we entered the zoo we saw snakes, birds, lizard, koala, cockatoo. not only we saw them but I took each of the animal in my hand except the snake but I did touch it 😀 omg I got goosebumps!!!
In the starting there is statue of Irwin family where we clicked some pictures. Australian zoo is so big that one can easily lost his way, so to help them out when we buy ticket each individual is given a zoo guide map showing all the areas with respective animals in that location.



Zoo has been divided in different areas on the basis of countries and their animals.

Birds of Prey
Tiger Temple
South-east Asian precinct
Rainforest aviary
Bindi’s island

Roo Heaven


Crocoseum show is worth watching. If you are here in Australia and haven’t been here then that’s the question what are doing?


Some other facilities available in the zoo are
Food court is in the stadium where you can have food. Other than that drinking water has been facilitate in most of the places, along with hand sanitizers near the exit area where you can touch animals.

Transport- to get around the zoo, visitors can take Steve’s Safari Shuttle, which is a trailered bus and stops in particular areas. Caddie is also available if anyone wants to drive themselves and enjoy around the zoo.

playgrounds- there are two playgrounds.

This hospital is the world’s busiest veteran hospital.

Photo lab- there is photo lab where you can collect your photos with animals or can take pictures taken by Irwin family.

Gift shop- everyone wants to take some kind memory with them. Gift shop has everything that you would love to take with you from a pencil to fridge magnets, t-shirts, posters, statues, toys everything
Near Crocoseum is a kind of museum where you will find fossils of different animals. Tribute given to Steve, his personal belongings like his dress, shoes.

let’s grab some knowledge
Australian zoo was opened in the year 1970 which is one of the top 5 Zoo of Australia located in Queensland state on Sunshine coast near Glass house mountain. This zoo became popular tourist attraction after wildlife documentary series “The crocodile Hunter” which was run by Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin(wife).
Steve Irwin also known as “The Crocodile Hunter” was a Naturalist, zoologist, conservationist, television personality, herpetologist. Steve Irwin from his childhood took care of all the animals of the zoo with love and care. Steve Irwin died in 2006 in Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia while he was under water and living his passion filming an underwater documentary film titled Ocean’s Deadliest for her daughters tv show while filming he approached a Stingray to shoot it while swimming when suddenly it attacked him with its tails directly to his heart as soon as he was brought up the by his members the doctors declared him dead. Production was completed and broadcast on 21 January 2007 without any mention of Irwin’s death. After the death of Steve Irwin, the zoo is handled by his wife Terri Irwin and his two children Bindi and Robert.


So this was my experience which I shared with you. I would like to hear some from you if you get chance to visit do share how was your experience?Special thankful to these two guys were mostly behind the camera @SurajKafle @SushovitUpadhaya

Until my next blog stay happy

Love <3 Oli

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  • HIMANI OLI on July 16, 2018

    What a place😍😍 want to visit😭

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      It is a place to visit

  • HIMANI OLI on July 16, 2018

    Love the pictures and animals😍

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      Thankyou 😍

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    Love the pictures…

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      Komal on August 5, 2018

      thankyou so much love <3

  • prasant bhatt on August 24, 2018

    Hello Komal
    Thanks for the wonderful blog post about beautiful Australian zoon. Really amazing . I think I should hear that crocodile hunting story. Its really nice schenes and beautiful photos. I enjoyed reading it.
    thanks a lot

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