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Beat the heat tips #hotweather

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Hey peeps!! Hope all you are good.Talking about the weather the Sun is scaring us all day by day in such days are you taking care of yourself ?? Or just lying on.. infront of idiot box under A.C and just killing the day. Here are some summer hacks how to be more active and some to take care of yourself.



Be an early riser. Don’t waste your summer days in the bed. Don’t stay up late nights, that is not living your summer to the fullest. Get up and go out give yourself a fresh start every morning.

Here a chanc to pamper yourself treat yourself with chilled refreshing ice-cream once a week or once every two weeks. Try new flavours which will keep you cool in these hot days.

You are perfect trust me. Losing an extra 10kg wont make you any happier. Just strive to imrove your health, both mentally and physically, and everything will fall into place.


If you take naps, STOP!! Be active do numerous activities. Even the sun also follows the rule of going early to bed and early to rise. Instead being an owl be a sparrow.

STOP!!! Hitting those snooze alarm clocks.this just makes you more tired. It convinces your body that its going back into sleep when its really not.

HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE drink lots of water as suggested by doctors as well as it is the demand of the scrotching weather can add some lemonade or berries to your water to detox and to spruce it up a little.

Switch your morning coffee or tea to lemonade, but stop adding sugar and sweetners to it. Those are highly addicted to caffeine should start adding almond or soy milk which is very healthy. Also make sure you drink WATER before having your coffee. Lastly, try not to have coffee when you first wake up. Your body produces natural caffeine. Give youself a couple hours before you brew.

Workout or do yoga in the morning. You will feel so much better and this wont give an excuseto skip your workout later in the day!!

Try to put you all gadgets off for an hour before bed. You can adopt the habit of reading before sleep because will all know reading makes us tired and also it is the best way to call sleep. Have a sound sleep so that next morning when you wake up you feel refreshed.

Next breakfast time make sure whatever peanut butter you are buying doesn’t contain palm oil. Actually, stop buying anything that contains palm oil. Make sure your nut butters ony contain nuts and a little bit of salt is okay.



Enjoy your summer. Make plans. Go for a walk,run. Join various outdoor activities with your friends. Cook yummy healthy food. Always try new recopies,coolants. Meditate. Breathe. Also have lots of watermelon.


Hope your summer will be more wonderful!!!

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  • HIMANI OLI on May 8, 2017

    Hello ThathappySoul,
    I personally think this post is meant for me😁 because of my long sleep routines.. I think i should start my ass to exersice it😂

    • Komal on May 18, 2017

      yes why not if need any help do ask i am always there 🙂

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