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Beginner’s Guide: Take small steps towards transitioning

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Beginner’s Guide: (101) How to take small steps towards transitioning?


Hi beautiful people!
Happy 2019!! everyone is taking new resolutions … what’s yours? I have decided my resolution for the this year. Yes!!(excited) I am going to start my curly journey with full dedication now. I have already used tried heaps of product, but the problem was I was on wrong track. I was using wrong products that are very bad for curly hair (that’s why my hair is at their worst stage at this time). I realized and now I want to give myself a new start, going to follow cg-method and want you to be with me. If you are reading and you are not curly hair, then share this blog with your curly girlfriends. I want to help curly girls so they can embrace their natural curls <3. Now I will be sharing all of my knowledge with you guys so that you don’t need to struggle. I won’t say that you can blindly follow me, but I would say that every curl is different and know your curls. I can guide you to have beautiful curls of yours. Before I would like to clear some of your doubts or queries.


Why I am writing blog?
It’s not about just one article, I will be adding one curly category in my website which will have only curly hair related articles. I want to share whatever I grab from other curly guru as I will be spending my time, money, experimenting, using new products so I want that my gathered knowledge could help me as well others also. Writing and sharing motivates me to do more also keeps eye on me that I must do it regularly. More your engagement more I am encouraged.


What do mean by cg method?
I was not born with curly hair but after two decades I was totally a curly head and at that time there were no source or anyone who can guide me to have the perfect curls (though no perfect curls till now) but I have got so many sources so many curly gurus whom I follow. Till past one year I was unaware of the fact that curly hair is treated differently have different hair products. I was using all the same regular hair products. My curly journey means that I will start using specials products only made for curls (every product that says curly hair product is not good for us, that’s the mistake I did).
I will be gradually sharing how we all can enhance the bounce and shine and many more…This whole process of maintaining healthy bouncy shiny hair is named as Curly Girl Method.


What is my hair type?
I am 3B. Currently working on the porosity and width of my hair. I am Asian curly girl (Nepalese).
Before starting method, these are some of the things that we (curly hair girls) should start doing.


Beginner’s Guide: Part (i) take small steps towards transitioning

Cutting it gradually
To start with let’s start with trimming the ends. We usually ignore the ends, but it is necessary to chop out the damaged ends not at once but gradually in 6-8 weeks. You don’t need to go the salon and spends $ on the hair cut which will make difference to your appearance this is merit as well as demerit for us we can chop ourselves and our curls help to hide our mistakes. So far I have tried upside down method which is like step cut for curly hair some other are unicorn cuts which I haven’t tried yet.

Say NO to heat, bleach and colouring
No to warm water,all of us have coloured, bleached and also heated our hair in our teenage and still we do. This is the first thing that you have to STOP. The harsh chemical in bleach and colouring products will make our curly hair more frizz, dry and dehydrated which will make you hate your hate, which we don’t want. I know some times we cant resist for that also you need to take some precautions and do everything carefully that I will find out later on.

Deep conditioning
Curly hair is always in search of protein and moisture. The frizz tells that we are lacking in proteins and moisture. So, its time to adapt good habit of conditioning hair weekly or bi-weekly to improve the health of hair.


Master new hairstyles 

I know having same hairstyle could be boring at time of party and festive season, you would urge of straitening them. But I would suggest just one or twice a year do heat your hair only if your hair supports otherwise strictly say No. try new buns, braids to have new look.


Find hydrated products

Shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-condition, styling products there are a lot of products that we curly hair use, but as I said every product that states curly hair product is not good for curly hair. You must be very caution while using products as recently I used products which were not meant for curly hair and the results my all curl pattern was damaged, I was left with frizz, dry hair only because the products I was using were very harsh for me and some of the ingredients in were not meant to be for curly hair.

Seek Advice
Now a days, we have social media platform where you can join groups, follow curly hair gurus, ask them directly about your curls queries they would help you with their best knowledge. Ask me. I will try to help you out of the best.


I will be posting my frequent changes/results on insta so keep following me there to see the changes.

love 🙂 oli

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