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Brisbane international student ambassador 2018

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Hi,hola,chao,nihao everyone! Here I wanna share a big news of mine if you follow my page on fb or on insta you must be knowing that I have been selected as Brisbane International Student Ambassador for 2018. Last week as I shared this news on my social media everyone started asking me what is this for? Are you being paid? How you have been selected and many more here I will try to brief as much as I can.

BISA is my new family of 40 international students around the globe and 4 high school students. You will be seeing these 44 faces for next one year there are many more members who are little shy to come infront but they will also be working with us. On 19th March 2018 we all 44 students have been officially appointed as Brisbane Ambassadors by Mr. Graham Quirk who is the Lord Mayor of our city.

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors Appointment Ceremony


This time I am the only one selected from Nepal. At 9 in we all were in Brisbane city hall which was our venue for the day. The first task of the day was to get out elegant, beautiful profile picture clicked for our official website of you can see here

Next at 10 ceremony  was started. Short and sweet speech given by Lord Mayor and also from one of our former Ambassador of 2017, she was so movtivating and encouraging and also shared some of her experience with us.

One by one as our name was called we were given the certificate of appointment as Ambassador by Lord Mayor and we get chance to click pictures with him.Followed by this later we some food and some more chit chat with our fellow mates and also chance to talk to Lord Mayor. Funfact he loves taking selfies and we also made a boomrang with him. He is so cool and kind.—–

In the last our BISA tees were given to everyone which I haven’t worn yet. Soon I will.

BISAs will help to promote Brisbane and give you thousands of reasons why you should choose our breezy city for education. Being a small brezzy city hardly anyone knows that there are 85000 international students studying here. BISAs will not be reading you any newspaper news or any policies to you they will be purely sharing their own experience with you. If you will follow any of the BISAs you would get to know the how amazing is this place.

Some FAQs

What is the work of Ambassador?

Like always ambassadors job is to promote. So here we all Ambassadors will be giving you thousands or more reasons for choosing Brisbane as your study destination.

How we will get to know abou that? or How we will get to know your work?

Social media! Social Media! In today’s time it is the biggest weapon and solution for all the things. Whatever we will be doing/ promoting you will get to know through our social medias. We will be uploading all the events that are held for the students here in Brisbane.

How much do you get paid?

We are not paid for this work.

What is the time period of your Ambassadorship?

Its for one year starting from 19th April 2018.

I want to study in Brisbane but I have more queries. What should I do?

Visit this page

also find them on Fb and insta.

What if I wanna follow other Ambassadors also?

Feel free to follow anyone of us here is the llink to everyone’s profile with their social media links below


here are glimpse of the day (click below to see the video)


Some more pictures of the day


I am so so thankful to #studybrisbane for giving all you us such a great opportunity. This place is not only for studies but for more taht we will be discovering in upcoming days.

and if you have queries just comment below and I will get back to you soon.

Untill then stay happy x positive

Love <3 Oli


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  • HIMANI OLI on May 4, 2018

    What a beautiful experience 🌹🌹
    All the best for future..
    Rock it and own it.🌼
    Never dull your shine📍

  • Author
    Komal on May 8, 2018

    Thankyou star 🤩

  • Sujaan on May 9, 2018

    a good read, indeed! Congratulations bhauju!!

    • Author
      Komal on May 9, 2018

      Thankyou 😇

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