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Hey beautiful girls out there!! This time I came with something different. Review time. Few months back I bought some colourpop products and its been a while I have using these products daily and now I will let you know  how are they going on with me.

Colourpop is basically U.S.A based company with delivers all over the world. I ordered these things for the first time and this is my first experience with this company. I got my delivery in exactly 15 days. If you like it you can order it from here visit their site once and checkout the new products.

What I bought ?

UltraMatte To Go-Gone Wishing

Eye Palette- My Little Pony

Kit- New Theory

colourpop reviews

1 Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

There were five shades of matte lip in small travel sized, which makes easy for me to carry even in my pocket.

 All of its five shades are rich in colour.

 Its purely matte lipstick. After applying the lippie with 30 seconds it gets matte.

 One of the good thing I found in these lippie is its not chappy. Many times I have faced that matte lipstick are chappy your makes you uncomfortable. Not in this case.

 It stays for 6-7 hours.

I like –  its long stay

         –         Travel sized

         –         Easily removed (with makeup remover) except dark shades they need little hardwork

I don’t Like – its packaging which was in small thin box.

TIPs – apply just one layer, two layers will make lips more dry and chappy.

2 Colourpop Lippie stix – New theory Lipsticks

This one had six shades.

All creamy texture and feels very light on lips.

This stays 4-5 hours as its creamy and it not dark in colours, usually starts fading away in few hours.

Its very easy to apply, glides all the way.

The size of the stick is very nice, it gives desire outline to the lips unlike other sticks its not too big in size which makes a lot of mess.

One of good factor is it doesn’t makes lips dry.

I Like – its colourful packaging

          –         Makes lips soft

I don’t like – fades away easily

3 My Little Pony – eye shadow pallete

Its an eye shadow pallete with 12 shades.

Some are matte some are little shimmery.

I found that these eye shadows are not too pigmented. You have apply four five times to have the actual colour on your lids but if you like it light its your cup of tea.

There are two extreme colours rest are light eye shadow.

It dust off easily if you will rub it hardly.

There are no brushes and no mirror in this kit.

Its appropriate pallete for beginners with mixture of nudes, shimmer, and dark shades.

I Like – nude shades which can be used on daily basis for collages and office.

I don’t like – not too pigmented.

These are fews pictures of lippie on my lips.

my favourite Needle & thread


take a pixie



first position

fly-fi matte x


take a pixie + ink blot matte

needle & thread

eyes= princess sparkle 

lips = souffle


see in the next blog

until then lots of love

OLI <3

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