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Hidden features of your Smartphone/Iphone #photography

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Hi guys!!!!!!!! It’s been a very long time that I haven’t posted anything that you know if your following me on insta and fb 😉 . So today I am back with some useful post for you with some hidden features of your very own smart phone that you already had but never noticed. Everyone loves getting clicked and some of us even love clicking but everyone doesn’t have 5D or 700D so whaaattt???? You have your smarty phone THAT’S ALL!!!! You need to have to get that perfect picture. If you have an iPhone or smart phone then you know you have the technology to take great photos and videos but there are some things you might not know about your iPhone or smartphone camera that can help you to enhance your photography. Here are some features of your phone:



GRID You can line up your shots properly by going to Settings>Photos & Camera>Grid and switch on the Grid option. It gives you 3×3 grids. It basically lines your subject one of the four points in the centre of the screen and aesthetically it gives you more pleasing shots. It’s basically a guideline for your photography and its best suited when you’re taking picture of scenery or beach area.

HDR You can take better still photos by turning on HDR mode. HDR means High Dynamic Range. By turning on HDR your phone takes 3 photos in a row and combines them into one perfect picture with best possible lightening. It is best to on HDR when there is too light or too dark or when there is sun above the subject and the subject is too dark so that with HDR mode your phone will take 3 light to dark photos and will try to give you picture with perfect lightening. I will suggest you to keep HDR on when you are outdoors specially in the afternoon.

                                                                                                HDR  OFF   

                                                                                                  HDR ON

HORIZONTAL Never take pictures vertically as it reduces the size of picture and cannot cover the full area also while taking pictures horizontally, camera should be always up which is very important for a good photograph, for good angle. Also flash should be always below if you are taking pictures at night so that flash doesn’t overtake your picture.

VOLUME BUTTONS You can use IPhone/smartphone like a point-and-shoot camera by using the volume buttons on the side as a shutter button. People are used to take pictures from DSLRs they can use this option as it gives the feeling of using a camera button. When you are holding your phone horizontally and your fingers are on the volume button it also gives you grip and less shaky pictures will be there.

HEADPHONES Have ever thought of using your headphones while taking pictures?? Yes your headphone can help you. By clicking any of the volume buttons of your headphone you can take snap or start recording a video. It is best to use while taking candid pictures when you don’t want anyone to notice you or when you are in a street and want to do street photography this is the best option!

LOCK EXPOSURE & FOCUS You can make your shots as bright or as dark as you want by tapping on the screen to focus and scrolling up or down on the slider to the right side to manually adjust the exposure. In the below picture you can see the yellow box that is for adjusting exposure. You can also lock your focus and exposure levels by pressing and holding down on the screen.

                                                                                      WITHOUT EXPOSURE


                                                                                             WITH EXPOSURE


BURST MODE This for perfect selfies or moving objects that are difficult to capture press and hold the shutter button to enable burst mode which takes 10 photos per second. These photos are saved within one file and your IPhone can also tell you the best shots taken from the burst.



NEVER ZOOM Zooming in the camera app actually reduces the quality of your picture so never zoom you’re your lens while taking a picture. Always zoom out and then take picture. you can later on while editing can zoom or crop your snap to have the closer view which will be more clear.
FLASHLIGHT This one is my favourite 😀 When you’re taking photo at night or in a dark place instead of using your own flashlight use your friend’s flashlight and use different angles to highlight your subject. There! You will get a significant picture. Try and experiment this one. You can see difference between the below pics.

                                                                                     YOUR OWN FLASHLIGHT


DEPTH OF FIELD or you can say focus. When the subject is close to your camera you can just simple touch on the subject and your camera will focus on that particular object making all the other things blurry. These days everyone knows this but how many of you actually give focus to this feature?? It might seem common feature but it is one of the most important. Simply touch the subject you wanna take pic, it gives more clarity to the picture and defines the subject. See the difference in first pic lipstick has been focused and in another the laptop. Here I focused both deliberately but if you will not focus or touch the subject then your phone will randomly focus anything. This feature gives pleasing shots and will take your picture to another level also you don’t have to pay dollars to the DSLRs.






  •  PANAROMA It is an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding. Every smart phone these days have this. Simply you have to just select the Pano or Panaroma in your phone and start moving your phone to capture the beautiful view along the arrow shown. While using this feature you have to be patient and slowly move the camera. It gives 180* view.

                                                            PANAROMA VIEW
IMAGE QUALITY you must know that apple camera is camera app itself just not the photos so the less storage you have less clear photos you will get. So try to keep less photos on your phone.


So these were the simple features that you might hear of but never tried. Now just try these and see the difference in your pictures 

Until then #staypositive #behappy
Love <3 Oli


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