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Know your curly hair pattern???

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So, you went market saw you the product and bought it or you saw the new advertisement and that’s why you bought that product. Do you and the model shown in the ad or the image have same curl texture??? Do you??? Before investing your money on any random product, you must know yourself clearly, the texture of your hair. What does your hair want??? Is your hair happy with the products you are providing to them??

Curly means a lot of things to a lot of people, so before doing anything first you must know the pattern or type of curls you have so that you can give the right technique, products, hairstyles, to your beautiful hair. Our hair has been categorized into 4 by experts and further sub categorized also.


This is the very first type of hair where there is no evidence of a wave, dent, curl pattern or any type of curviness in the hair texture. If the journey from the root to the end is straight shot, then you are Type 1.





This type welcomes little waves in the texture and it is further divided into 3.

2A LOOSE WAVE This type of wavy hair is close to straight but has a soft, loose, gentle bend.

2B MODERATELY WAVE   They are next to the above one mostly straight at the roots and more defined waves form below your eye level.

2C DEFINED WAVE  S-shaped, defined waves start at the roots and mix with actual ringlets. In this hair type curls start forming but still they are soft form of curls.

TYPE 2A Wavy hair
TYPE 2B Wavy hair
TYPE 2C Wavy hair












PROBLEM: Due to soft curls, they have to struggle with the frizz and find the right light product that give hold to the beautiful soft and smooth.

TIP: Use a light organic styler that doesn’t weigh your hair down because thick cream will make your hair greasy. Scrunch the product into your hair with the help of your finger for the perfect lift. Be gentle to your hair.





In this hair type ringlets start forming with small circumferences, thay are generally heavy than the above type.

3A STRETCHED & LOOPY CURLS Spirals are similar in size to the large sidewalk chalk.

3B ROUNDED BODYFUL CURL Ringlets have the circumference of a sharpie. They have defined curls towards the end and sometimes they can be flat L if not taken care properly.

3C TIGHTER CORKSCREW CURLS  Ringlets have the circumference of a pencil or a straw with lots of volume. As the hair type goes on increasing the circumference or the ringlets start decreasing, which means more volume, more dryness, more frizziness.

TYPE 3A Curly hair
TYPE 3B curly hair
TYPE 3C curly hair



PROBLEM: The biggest issue faced by this type to maintain the definition of the curls, fight with the frizz and moisturizing hair.

TIP: Apply a cream or jelly styler to your hair and shake for volume or smooth for control.

TIP: Hydrate your strands often with an organic based conditioner to prevent the tangles and excessive dryness.





This is the curliest hair or you can say the coily hair. Here small coils are formed which are tightly stick to each other.

4A SPRINGY CURL If you will look closely at a strand of hair it looks like a small tight s-shape and spirals. Now the volume starts increasing.

4B CRIMPY/ KRINKY CURL This is more of a small, tight z-shape along hair shaft.

4C ZIGGLY CURL Strands are less likely to clump into a coil unless styled like a twist out. They may show little or no curl pattern at all.

TYPE 3A Coily hair
TYPE 3B Coily hair
TYPE 3C Coily hair



















PROBLEM: They have to maintain moisture because of the heavy volume hair demands to hydrate regularly. Tangles and the shrinkage are the most common problem.

TIP: Choose thick cream based products to help hydrate because they need moisture, moisture and moisture and style your hair and have fun with your hair type by utilizing ALL STYLE-OUT METHODS.



REMEMBER!! Everyone has unique and mixture of one or two types. Each curl has different needs. Love your hair. Embrace them. Take care of them.

They will shine bounce and will be happy when you will pamper them.



Leave your comments what type are you with some tips so that this post can be an informative post for all curly types. Or if you have any query do drop that also.

Until then stay strong X happy


Love <3 oli :*

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