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Muktinath, Mustang, Nepal

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Hey guys I am here with my travel story of another day in Muktinath, Mustang 🙂 enjoy!!


Next day ! Had tea! Took the cab and headed towards Muktinath within two hours we reached there from the place where we were staying.







On reaching the base of Muktinath suddenly the weather dropped down drastically and we had to put 2-3kilos of woollen clothes(whatever we had), we didn’t had woollen caps, gloves (our mistake). So we bought the caps from the local sellers (where not the customer but the seller is the king of the market). But thank to those caps which saved us from getting freezed.




……….tied our laces and we started are small trekking journey to the temple which took one hour of walk from the base to the top and we took some photographs of the place, snow and whatever we found was captured.














 Muktinath which is 3710 meters above the sea level. It is a Hindu and Buddhist temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the foot of the Thorong La mountain pass. Behind the temple there are 108 small waterspouts in the shape of a head of a bull known as “Muktidhara” under which devotees take bath before they enter the temple. The waterspouts are closely arranged in a semicircle at a height of seven feet. The water that flows from the mouth of waterspouts comes from river Gandaki but the challenge is that water is super ice chilled and one should have courage to take bath in such low temperature area. Pilgrims believe that it brings them salvation.The climate was cold and dry. That day the temperature was between 8 to 10 degree celsius. mostly the temperature varies from 22-24 degree celsius in summers and 6-16celsius in beginning of winters. In front of temple there are two Kunda (water pond), called as Laxmi and Saraswati Kunda,  where holy dip is taken after the waterspouts and believed that it can wash away negative karma. The Buddhist nuns take care of the temple, they manage the puja in the temples. Inside the temple photography is strictly prohibited.


Muktinath temple




108 Waterspouts in shape of bull where water of river Gandaki flows



Two Kunda (waterponds) Laxmi Kunda and Saraswati Kunda





  •  This temple being on high altitude there most devotees face breathing problem.
  • Asthma patients or anyone having respiratory problems should do medical check up then only decide to go there..take precaution for altitude sickness.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes and boots as you have to walk a lot there.
  • Carry light luggaged.
  • Drink plenty of water while trekking.
  • Take jacket woolen caps, sun glasses, warm clothes, sunscreen lotion, moisturizer lotion, thick gloves and socks.

………….or else you can be fully exhaust like me :/


On returning back not very far there is Gomba Samba, a newly built monastery with main deities Sakyamuni, Chingresig situated at left from entrance gate of Muktinath temple complex.

Many other places to visit are Jwalamai temple, Sri Murthy Mahatma, Swaminarayan, Shaligrama which unfortunately we coludn’t cover these places. Hope next time we will 😀


While returning we were tired and my energy level was almost zero as you can see :/ so we took the cab and went to Jomsom to look for the rooms on time(it is very important to book your hotel rooms because there are very less good hotels and numerous travellers so by the evening almost every hotel is booked). People of Mustang are known as Thakali they are extremely warm and friendly. We had special food of mustang which is called as Thakali food which has rice in the middle with 6-7 types of veges some non-veg,salad,papad,dal,2-3 chutney also special drink of that place which is made of Apple by Thakali people (the localites) popularly known as Marpha drink,which is also exported in huge amount.



thats all for the second day…..

To see how much fun we had in Jomsom next day stay tuned as I couldn’t cover the third day in this blog.


Until then #staypositive #keeptravelling #learning

Love <3 oli





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  • Suraj on June 20, 2017


  • Ravi Sharma on June 20, 2017

    maje karri! 😂😂😂🙌

    • Krishna on June 23, 2017

      Ravi Sharma we’ll go there someday 😉

  • Krishna on June 23, 2017

    How much cash is needed to average earning person to go there and explore for 6 days .

    • Author
      Komal on June 24, 2017

      Firstly it depends how u travel through airways, roadways or your own vehicle.
      If you will go through local bu s (Pokhara to Mustang) it will be around 1000_15000 nrs
      If you reserve your own cab (Pokhara to Mustang) it will take 10000nrs per day approx and also depends you many days your gonna spend there.
      Or if you take airplane (Pokhara to Mustang,Jomsom only ) it will take 5k to 6k for one side only.
      So basically there are no fixed amount that I can tell you because prices vary according to the need the person demands.

  • Bheshu on July 5, 2017

    Wonderful ✌️

  • Deep Gharti on July 5, 2017

    Mustang t ghumna layak place rahe 6 t.

  • GB Gurung on July 5, 2017

    Awesome pics & nice story keep writing..

  • abhinav on July 5, 2017

    Thats EPIC

  • Author
    Komal on July 11, 2017

    thankyou so much guys for showering your love 🙂

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