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Stepping into Australian student life??

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With the beginning of this year thought to share some knowledgeable article this time. So this time article is all about the new students who are planning/ packing their backpacks for Australia with lots of excitement, consciousness, happiness, dream and also some doubts and queries. In this blog I will try to answer those queries which run in most of the heads.
Just a quick intro of mine. I am thathappysoul running this blog covering whateva comes in my mind. I belong from Butwal, Nepal. Now I am in Australia with my partner and it’s been more than six months so having a little bit of beginner’s experience I am sharing as much as I can so that it would help the toddlers who are going to be here Here am discussing the general things only..
Let’s begin with the weather first. Oh!! Wait. I am living in Brisbane something things might be slightly different in other cities from here. So here we are having sunny days. Yes its summer from December to around March and then vice versa. Totally opposite with the northern hemisphere. Sadly there are snowfall in winters but we are blessed with beautiful beaches . Australia is known for its multi-cultural environment and that’s true and amazing as well. I love that here you don’t only get to know a new person but a new country/culture which keeps you always in learning mode.


  • Roam around your place as much as you can.
  • Explore!

There are various intake sessions throughout the year depending on the courses you applied. Every college has orientation prior to their first class which is really helpful try not to skip that. Your faculty will be introduced along with your course pattern, schedules, event you’re having in your college. Apart from studies they will discuss the types of jobs, essential things you need to apply asap you reach here, rules and policies you need to keep in your mind while you’re in this beautiful place.

  • Indulge in all college events it will never make you feel alone.
  • Discuss things with your college faculty regarding course/ paper work/ fee they will surely help you out.
  • Attend lectures genuinely.
  • Follow the slides or any material provided by your course coordinator.
  • Make notes/ quick review of your lectures instead of acting in the last minute.
  • Self Study at least once a week (overview will also work).
  • Assignments should be done by you only it would help you later in your exams.
  • Ask/learn about the student facilities provided by your college like photocopy, internet facilities, issuing books from library.


There are some few important papers you would need to carry few days along with some photocopy of the follows:
Passport, CEO, Passport size photograph, small diary, pen and a laptop.
You will need these things in your college enrollment as well as for opening bank accounts, purchasing sim.


Things you need to when you come here

  • Purchase a Go-card its travelling card used here in Queensland for travelling (via bus, train, ferry).
  • Apply for bank account. Like in Commonwealth Bank.
  • Enroll for your course.

Some applications that would help you

  • Queensland travel or Translink will help you to see the timings of trains, buses and ferries.
  • Bank application in which you have opened your account to keep an eye on the account also for online transaction and you don’t have to carry the currency with you.
  • Your college app will help to see the grades and all the related matters.
  • Cab app (like Ola, Uber) in case you need.
  • Sim application that will remind you for your bill payment, data usage, other plans.


Many of you must have your friends or relatives already here they can help you in finding apartments for you. You can take apartment in rent or can also live in sharing as owning whole apartments need some conditions to be fulfilled which in starting might be difficult for you. Meet new people make new friends, talk to them as networking will help you every manner also in finding jobs. Also remember don’t tell anyone your personal details like your full name, passport number, date of birth it can be misused. Be careful! As you will be here don’t be shy to try or doing things by yourself. Learn . try. Don’t be shy. For instance filling your details in forms all must be done by you only. Remember learning is part of life which must go on..


Sometimes we need small items.. no wories you have plenty of shopping centers where you will get things at reasonable prices like
Coles for your daily items/foods/veggies/non-veg.
Kmart, Target, Wooloowort, Big W for utensils/kitchen items/ household items pillows/ clothes
Officework for stationery items
Asians you also no need to worry about the spices you missed here are many Indian/Nepali shops where I bet you will get whatever you’re looking for.

There are many events held everyday,week,month so be connected to our very own social networking sites be part of public groups which will help you a lot.


Last not the least some more tips

  • Roam around the city. Walk. Click. Explore.
  • Meet people. Talk to people doesn’t matter you know or don’t know talk generally ( not saying to share your details).
  • People here are very friendly.
  • Use three magical words always.
  • Wear a smile. It will not only make your day others also.
  • Use Google maps for direction guidance.
  • Make notes/ use sticky notes as reminder there are 80% chances things will skip out of your mind. Better use this trick.
  • Always carry Go-card, student id, license (if you have), debit card along with you. Any time you can be asked to verify you as student so you will need proof.
  • There are special discounts for students. Do ask for that like in Go card, sim plans.

Once you reach here talk to your consultant at least once. Thank them.
Don’t forget to talk to your parents. This might sound silly but that’s true many of us don’t make calls often which is not good.

Any queries still you have can just drop a mail. I would love to help 
Stay Safe. ALL THE BEST.

here are some glimpse of Brizzy City


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  • Mini on February 3, 2018

    Didi i am applying for brisbane now bank ko kam hudei cha.. i hope mero bisa lodge vayo vane you will help out there..☺thank you. .

    • Author
      Komal on February 3, 2018

      All the very best 😘 will meet here. Contact anytime if you have any doubt 🤗

  • ABHIYAN on February 3, 2018

    Kaam kattiko painxa Brisbane ma … Janna chineko kura…

    • Author
      Komal on February 3, 2018

      Puxa kaam pani testo kei tension huna you have to be patient also follow what I have told above 😊

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