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Study Abroad: Yay or Nay??

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Today is 14 November, as I have studied in India it reminds me of the special pampering by teachers no study all day dance, games …we use to have on this day because its Children’s Day. No matter how much we hate our teachers, school, homework at that time but real treasure is that only that we innocently gather.


Being little nostalgic today I am having so many words on mind which I am computerizing. Not a being fan of doing this in technical way…old school is the best.

Studies never left me alone since I born and still, they are with me like my soulmate (ughh!). they are so into me that if destiny wants to take me somewhere, they come along with me like houseflies. That’s the result I am 6590 miles / 10605.58 km far away from my own bedroom. Hey hey…hang on this not any fashionista/hack/trick/travel blog, today this just me. So, read only if you wanna or else don’t force yourself… can go back do your work and leave this here. 😊

Its been above a year I am studying in abroad in the mean time I have experienced so many things so today I just wanna share Is studying in abroad in yay or nay?


Home’s essence

After around 15hours of transit and in total more than 24hours of travelling. What a person needs? Obviously, food. From the very next day I started missing mom’s cook food which cannot be replaced by anyone. No matter how bad you are (as I am) you must help yourself.

When I was back in My home never knew that how each and everything make the house real home.  Fighting with siblings.  Evening get together with neighbours in the street. Here the life is very busy so is everyone. No offence that’s why we are here? But these are the small things which are missed out a lot.


Grow UP

This is which turns out everyone drastically. I didn’t know what does grow up meant until my life started here, where studying, working, shopping, partying, everything was to be managed by myself (very bad in managing at times). I had last due date of not only assignments also of fee submission which makes you responsible. Slowly slowly life teaches everything!



Most of students are from non-english country which is huge barrier for them at initial as the only way to interact is English and the lack of confidence or say language makes a little harder for some of us. I don’t consider myself as fluent speaker. To overcome this, I engaged myself more into activities where I could meet new people talk to them do conversation. Not only it helped in communication but also it turned me out more confident, more representable, good friends and network (whereas I knew none at my start). I accepted what was the nay side of mine and found a way to overcome it, which obviously happens with everyone… I guess!???!

Coordinating with studies

Not happens with everyone. this happened to me as I was already 15 days late for my class, I was running back because of that I failed in my very first assignment. It took me one month to understand the all the criteria, way of doing and preparing for subjects (not so good now also… hahaha don’t ask me how’s your studying going? It’s never ever good). This is still struggling point for me.

Making friends

Luckily, I am very lucky I have very big friends’ family everywhere in uni, at work, my Ambassador mates. I can’t imagine my life without friends. Friends are important ingredients of my life. If I would be sitting at home thinking that I can make friends by just having a social media, then surely I would have more electronic ones. One needs to be more approachable, out going give chance to the place also so that the place can show you how warm it is. How nice people are who be in your surroundings, they might have not got chance to talk to you.


Hahaahah I struggled a lot. Its not that no one told me where to buy eatables or other necessity items. If you are international student you have to spend every penny carefully. If you can save even $5 each week that’s not a great deal. That could buy you wine 😉 for next week. I always ask my friends where you bought this, how much for that (as I am not afraid of questioning…maybe it irritates) and then compare which is more feasible I go for that. Try this go to every shop whether it’s in north side or south try and then go for better one.  


These are things that came in my mind. If you came till here surely you must be international student or have someone. Share what are your yay and nay that you have gathered. May we can learn from your story also. Wait for my another part of student abroad life. Will write soon.


Until then stay happy x healthy

Love <3 oli



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