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Trip to Manali, Himachal Pradesh

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Are you planning trip with friends ?? here is my travel story with friends. I went Manali with my friends and had some memorable moments, we had three day trip.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

We started our journey at 11pm from Chandigarh in the bus at 4am in the morning we reached Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara ( which is one of the important holy place for Sikh religion located in the Parvati Valley on river Parvati. It is considered as one of the important place because of its natural hot spring.
Due to which it is possible to prepare food for all the devotees. Gurudwara serves thousands of devotees in a day. Behind that Gurudwara there is also a Shiva temple which attracts most of the Hindus).

Manikaran Sahib, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Hot Spring in Manikaran Sahib which serves 1000s of devotees everyday
Shiva Mandir (Manikaran Sahib

After taking bath in the hot spring we went for Kullu in the local bus and after two hours one of our friend came to pick us. He took us to our hotel in the Manali. We had a deluxe room which had two floor within the room accompanied by stairs and a perfect view in front of the room the mountains of Rohtang which was easily visible from our room and the Jogni fall which was our next day destination.

rohtang hills

Around 4 in the evening we were in our hotel room after quick refreshment we went to the Hidimba temple which is a cave temple dedicated to Hidimba Devi, wife of Bhima, a figure in the Indian epic Mahabharata. Restaurant near the temple serves the yummiest veg momos I have ever eaten and if you go there you must try. We also had some walk in the Manali streets and captured some amazing things.

Hidimba Temple
night view of Manali streets

Next day Jogni fall was our destination. We started trekking at 11am which was 6-7 km from the place where we were staying. As we started we saw a small tea stall which was on the Rohtang highway and believe me these small tea stalls are life savers they make the most yummy aloo pranthas and the chaiiii :D. We took shortcuts. First we went to the Vashishth temple which is beautifully carved temple the wooden carving will surely amaze you. While trekking in the woods we came across with many beautiful views of the place. Nature loving people must have trekking trips once a year like me :P.

Vashisht Temple, Manali

 Jogni fall is the natural fall it is mostly not visited by the tourists as it not listed in guidebook. But those who know the place well or have friends they must go places other than the main tourist places to explore in my opinion they are more beautiful and mesmerizing and the beauty is untouched there. We had many pictures there but soon the weather turned its mood and it started raining on the way back we met a very vibrant and colorful person who had a small tea stall in between of the woods because of the rain we had to stop there and we had a very healthy conversation with him. After a Maggie meal we started our slippery trekking which was very dangerous because of the heavy rain the trek was muddy and continuously rain droppings in our eyes made us almost blind at that time and soon it was going to dark we had no option other than to trek. But !!! somehow we managed and slowly and steadily we reached our rooms at 7 in the evening and rain continued….



……rain decided not to stop :/ and cancelled our all further plans as the weather forecast told us that there will be rain for two more days.  So immediately we decided to pack our bags.

manali mall road

But thankgod before returning back we had almost two hours with us and luckily the weather was also clear at that time so we went to Manali’s Mall road and nearby was the Buddhist monarch which was covered by colorful blooming flowers.

Buddhist Monarch

We were able to cover this much of place within two days if you know more places please comment below will definitely plan my trip for there.
Until my next trip. Takecare. Roam the world.

beautiful wooden carving
Animal skull
water fall

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